You can check your order status down below by entering your order number and email. There are 5 stages. 

1) New Order - Your order will be in this status when you place a new order and we have confirmed your order. 

2) Kitting - When your order moves to the Kitting stage, your components are being ordered and collected from our vendors and added to the queue for assembly.

3) Assembly - When an order is in the Assembly stage, it is being assembled by one of our trained technicians. 

4) QC / Burn-In - Once your computer hits the QC / Burn-In stage, software is installed on your machine and stress tests will be performed to see if there are any manufacture defects in the components. If a computer fails QC / Burn-In, you will be notified of any delays and the computer will move back to Assembly stage to rectify any issues. 

5) Packing - This is the very last step as the computer gets inspected for shipping and gets cross checked with our customer experience team before it get's shipped. You'll get a notification of the shipping notice along with the tracking number. A signature is required for delivery.